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Keynote: Contractors in Crisis

A session by Anthony Huey
President & Presenter, Communicate Clearly

July 21, 2021, 04:00 PM

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The modern definition of an EH&S manager's bad day: Arriving for work to find a news crew camped out in front of the jobsite. Do a quick search on Google and you’ll see that unfortunately, contractors are in crisis everyday. Job site accidents, spills, environmental contamination, project shutdowns, lawsuits, workplace violence and quality issues are just a few of today's most recent headlines and social media posts.

Join crisis communication expert, international keynote speaker, and longtime AGC of America consultant Anthony Huey for this timely and energetic event that provides organizations with pragmatic insider tips on preparing for — and communicating clearly during — any crisis situation.

Welcome remarks by: (1) Leah Pilconis, Associate General Counsel, Construction & Environmental Risk Management; (2) Shannon Lusk, VP/Safety Director at Missouri Valley, Inc. & Chair of the AGC Safety & Health Committee; and (3) Lauren Walsh, Environmental Manager at Cianbro Corporation & Chair of the Environmental Forum Steering Committee.

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