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The Future of the Safety Professional

A session by Frank Baxter, M.S., CSP
Director of Loss Prevention, Construction Risk Partners

July 21, 2021, 08:00 PM

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About this session

What can finding the right person to sit at the leadership table do for a contractor's safety and loss control programs and bottom line? Frank will share his decades of experiences and insights and invite conversation on:

• How a safety professional becomes a safety leader, including the key aptitudes that such professionals must possess to effectively sit at the leadership table • Trends in developing future leaders and proven ways to prepare someone to get a seat at the table and help lead, as a large percent of the experienced safety professionals are reaching retirement age • Ways to benefit from having safety at the leadership table, including helping to protect your brand, reputation, and overall financial performance • How safety can make or break your project's bottom line, especially on projects using Contractor Controlled Insurance Programs • How COVID-19 has elevated the role of safety into being part of business decisions

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