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Understanding the Focus Four for Construction Insurance - A Wider View of Risk

A session by Mike Fredebeil, CSP
Senior VP, Construction Safety and Risk Control Leader, Willis Towers Watson

July 20, 2021, 08:00 PM

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About this session


The session will be a discussion on the differences between the OSHA Focus Four and the Focus Four for Commercial Construction Insurance. Contractors spend a great deal of time and resources to control injuries and illnesses related to the OSHA Focus Four. Contractors also spend a lot of money for insurance. Understanding the Insurance Focus Four will help contractors save money, get better coverage terms, improve craft relationships, improve owner relationships, and achieve a more competitive bidding advantage.

Please note that this presentation is focused on the Focus 4 for commercial construction insurance loss drivers. Therefore, topics such as mental health, death by suicide, and opioids will not be covered.

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